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Insurer Details and Essential Information

Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation

 We are pleased to announce that the Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd (SAGIC) underwrite our Barn insurance contracts SAGIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Salvation Army they have been providing insurance to the public since 1909 and give all profits made to the Salvation Army, helping in their work with homeless and disadvantaged people, their call centers are UK based. 

SAGIC is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 202327 they are also members of the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Association of British Insurers.  

Essential Information/Statement of Facts

Brick, Stone & Timber Built Barn Conversions



This is our standard client agreement upon which we intend to rely. Please make certain that the information you have provided is correct and that you can agree with all the statements on this page. If you should choose to purchase this insurance the details provided will form the basis of the insurance contract between Salvation Army Insurance Corporation Ltd and You. Inaccurate information may invalidate all or part of the policy. Insurance cover is subject to the applicable policy wording. For your own benefit and protection you should read these terms carefully before agreeing to them. If you do not understand any point please contact us for further information before proceeding. 


Your Home


#   Is your main residence and is permanently occupied exclusively by you and your family.

#   Is in a good state of repair and will be so maintained.

#   Is built of Brick, Stone or Timber and the roof is covered with Slate or Tile.

#   Is not left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.

#   Is not at present undergoing any structural alterations or conversion.

#   Has not been damaged by flood and is not situated in an area that is liable to flooding.

#   Has not been affected by subsidence or any structural movement and is not located in an 

     area that is subject to subsidence.

#   Is not used for any business purposes other than computer work, paperwork and telephone 


#   You can confirm that all ground floor and other accessible windows are fitted with key 

     operated locks and all external doors are fitted with a 5 lever mortise deadlock conforming to

     British Standard 3621, in addition to a central locking device patio doors must have key

     operated bolts to the top and bottom opening sections, you also agree that if your contents

     sum insured which includes A to E exceeds £100,000 in total a Central Station, Digital 

     Communicator or Packnet alarm system must be installed and fully operational.  

#   You can confirm that Planning consent was granted for conversion of the property to a

     Residential Barn by the local Council/Planning Department. 

#   You can confirm that you have a current NICEIC Electrical Certificate if your property was

     converted over 25 years ago.   


# You can confirm that you have visited the Unacceptable Occupations tab on the homepage and can verify that you or any other person residing at the property does not have an occupation that is shown there, if an unacceptable occupation is shown please do not proceed any further with the quotation as we are unable to accept cover.



Items in the Home


With regard to cover of items in the home, please note the following are considered as high risk items: televisions, dvd/video equipment, audio and computer equipment, jewellery, pictures and other works of art, objects made of precious metal, watches, clocks, stamp, coin and metal collections photographic equipment including camcorders/video cameras, furs and antiques but not including antique furniture.

There is no set maximum value on the above listed high risk items situated within the home with the exception of the following;  

Items made of precious metal or furs, where the total value of such items within the private dwelling shall not exceed £5,000 or 20% of the declared home contents sum assured whichever is the lesser.

If a higher limit is required, this can be arranged subject to an extra premium being paid.


You and any Adult living with you


#   Has never had home insurance refused, cancelled or declared null and void.

#   Has never had special terms imposed to buildings or contents insurance.

#   Has not suffered more than two incidents of loss, damage or liability, whether insured or 

     not within the last three years.

#   Has never been convicted or have any prosecution pending for any criminal offence (other

     than parking or speeding offences).


Accidental Damage Cover for Buildings and Home Contents


#  This insurance policy includes Accidental Damage cover for Buildings and Contents as standard. 


Legal Insurance


#  Our Family Classic Legal insurance policy is underwritten by DAS






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