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Barn Clauses


The following clauses only apply if they are shown in the policy schedule.




1. Alarm clause (Where Installed)

This insurance does not cover loss or damage from unauthorised entry:

when the premises are left unattended, or at night, unless:

a) at all such times the intruder alarm has been put into full and effective operation, and

b) the intruder alarm is kept in good working order throughout the period of insurance under a maintenance contract with the installing company.

2. Hotel and Motel clause

This insurance does not cover theft or disappearance of jewellery from hotel or motel rooms during your absence from such rooms.

(This clause overrides exclusion l) of section five).

3. Jewellery clause

This insurance does not cover theft or disappearance of jewellery and/or watches unless they are:

(a) being worn or

(b) deposited in a bank or locked safe or hotel / motel safe or

(c) carried by hand and under your personal supervision

4. Safe & Keys clause

This insurance does not cover theft of jewellery from the home unless the jewellery is kept in a locked safe(s) whilst not being worn, it is further required that the keys of the safe(s) must be removed from the home while you are absent from the premises, this clause is only relevant if the declared value of your jewellery items in the home exceeds £20,000 

5. Minimum Security clause

This insurance does not cover loss or damage from unauthorised entry to the private dwelling of the home unless the undernoted minimum protections are fitted.

External Doors: 5 Lever Mortice Deadlocks (conforming to British Standard 3621).

Patio Doors: In addition to a central locking device, key operated bolts to top and bottom opening sections.

Windows: Key operated security locks to all ground floor and other accessible windows.

6. Proof of Valuation clause

In the event of loss or damage the responsibility of substantiating the value of the item(s) rests entirely with you.

7. Protections clause

This insurance does not cover loss or damage from unauthorised entry unless all protections provided for the security of the home and contents:

are maintained in good working order, and are in full and effective operation whenever you are absent from the premises.

8. Hot Tubs/Jacuzzi clause

Cover can be provided under section one - Buildings and treated the same way as swimming pools, for full details, please see section one of the policy (Perils 3, 4 & 9).

9. Theft Limitation clause

This insurance does not cover theft or attempted theft from the home other than as a result of violent and forcible entry.

10. Unattended Vehicles clause

This insurance does not cover theft or disappearance of property from any vehicle when such vehicle is left unattended without an occupant.

11. Unoccupancy clause (NC)

If you leave the home without an occupant for more than 30 consecutive days we will not pay

a) the first £250 of each and every claim

b) for loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft or malicious acts to money and credit cards valuables, televisions, satellite decoders, audio and video equipment radios, home computers and video cassette recorders.

c) for loss or damage directly caused by escape of water from and frost damage to fixed water tanks, apparatus or pipes unless the water has been turned off at the point of supply to the buildings.

12. Personal Possessions

Personal Possessions cover does NOT include Money, Credit Cards, Pedal Cycles, Mobile Phones or any computerised equipment such as Lap Tops, I Pads, Kindles and the like.

13. Chimney clause

It is your duty to ensure that:-

all chimneys and/or flues to solid fuel stoves, boilers and open fires are kept in a good state of repair and they must be professionally cleaned at within eight weeks of the inception date of this insurance or not more than 12 months since the last time they were professionally cleaned, whichever is the sooner. thereafter you must have them cleaned at not more than 12 monthly intervals.

you must keep in your possession the original dated receipts for all cleaning operations

(including any cleaning operation prior to the inception of this insurance) for a period of 18

months. You will have to produce them for our inspection if we ask for them.

for the purposes of this insurance "professionally" shall refer to an individual or company who are members of a recognised professional trade body.

If you fail to comply with any of the above duties this insurance may become invalid in respect of loss or damage caused by fire.

14. Contractors Exclusion clause

This insurance does not cover loss, damage or liability arising out of the activities of contractors.

15. Flat Roof Endorsement

This insurance does not cover any loss or damage as a result of Storm unless the areas of flat roof are checked by a qualified builder or roofer, at your expense, at least every 5 years. Any defects brought to light by that inspection shall be repaired immediately.

to you in writing

16. Ride on Lawnmowers clause

Where Ride on Lawnmowers are insured at the risk addressthey must be kept in a Secure Locked Building/Outbuilding when not in use.

17. Climatic Conditions Clause

This insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by dryness, dampness,extrems of temperature or exposure to the light




18. Business-use Extension clause

In return for the payment of an extra premium section four A(i) extends to include your legal liability, as defined in that section, for using the home for the business purposes which are detailed in the schedule. However, we will not cover any liability arising out of advice given or services rendered in respect of your profession, occupation or business or employment.

19. Index-linking clause

The sums insured in section one (buildings) and section two (contents) will be indexed each month in line with the following:

Section one (buildings): The House Rebuilding Cost Index issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Section two (contents): The Consumer Durables Section of the General Index of Retail

Prices or a similar index selected by us.

We will not charge you an extra premium for any monthly increase, but at each renewal we will calculate the premium using the new sums insured.

For your protection should the index fall below zero we will not reduce the sum insured.

20. Musical Instruments clause

This insurance does not cover the breaking of strings, reeds or drumheads forming part of musical instruments.

21. Your Bank’s or Building Society’s Interest clause

The rights of the bank or building society who provided your mortgage will not be affected by anything you do to increase the risk of loss or damage to the home provided that they were unaware of such action. The bank or building society must write and tell us as soon as they become aware of any action you have taken to increase the risk of loss or damage they may also have to pay an extra premium which you will have to repay them.

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